Comes Back Silence.

September 1, 2007
It always comes back to silence. Even in the dull throb of countless conversations there is silence beneath. Stillness. Is always comes back to stillness. Even in the subdued chaos of infinite journies there is stillness beneath. Hope. It always comes back to hope. Even in the steady ache of destruction and repression there is hope beneath. Courage. It always comes back to courage. Even in the constant presence of fear there is courage beneath. Strength. It always comes back to strength. Even in the inevitable threat of weakness there is strength beneath. Peace. It always comes back to peace. Even in the never-ending pounding of war there is peace beneath. Love. It always comes back to love. Even in the overbearing weight of hatred there is love beneath. Stillness. Silence. In the cacophony of evil we find good. In the friction of dissonance we find harmony. Stillness. Silence. It always has been. It always will be. It always comes back.

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