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June 21, 2010
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I know of this boy.
This boy, oh so perfect.
His eyes are like oceans,
So deep with amazement.
His smile makes me breathless.
The most gorgeous thing in my precense.

When I hear his voice,
My stomach does flips.
I get so nervous,
I always seem to trip.
When he kisses me,
and i feel his lips.
You don't even know how deep that this is.
How deep I am starting to fall for him.
I wish I could explain this love.
This love I've never before dreamed of.
I wish I could explain these thoughts.
These thoughts that are so fresh and saught.
These feelings I have you will never understand.
So please boy,
just take my hand.
Take me to your lovely land.
The land so grand, I barely stand.

You are the one I'm falling for.
The one I have these deep feelings for.
These feelings so deep, there's no turning back.
Without you around, I'm lost on my own.
With just a few friends.
This love is like a fantasy.
A fantasy too good to end.
People say love's like a trend.
That it comes and goes,
again and again.
Not this love.
This passion I feel.
So amazing, it seems unreal.

Baby, it's real.
And it's all mine.
it's growing more and more over this time.
This time i spend with you always on my mind.

You have me in this little trance.
A trance, so snug, it fits like pants.
Pants that make me want to dance.
Dance with joy,
from which you fill my hearts.
I love our start.
So let's keep this going.
For the fact of you even knowing,
These feelings I have grown to feel.
You could ruin me in one small second.
So please boy,
keep me in your arms,
close to your heart.
I've fallen for you
and this time i feel,
That this was truely smart.
I love you,
so please.
Don't let this fall apart.

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