Chemistry Equations && Geometric Theorms

September 1, 2007
By Crystal Abing, Lancaster, WI

Chemistry Equations && Geometric Theorms feels like just yesterday we were wandering these hallways && now its today
[it would appear weve never left] its a time warp,

I swear. algebra? well,
if x=me && y=school then *xy=surreal*
[just call me confused.discombobulated.&&bewildered] this doesnt seem
like my life

&& yet
it has the distinct allusion of belonging to me.
I forgot how heavy the wieght of pressure
feels on my shoulders.

[sorry, I cant afford

a whole new wardrobe]

thats right:

.:same clothes as last year:.
the first week isnt even over with
[nest pas finit]
&& Im already drowning in chemistry equations && geometric theorms.

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