Am I Lost?

July 24, 2010
Am I lost?
Do you see where I stand?
Can you lend me a hand?
Will you run from me?
Should I hide behind a tree?

Can you see my fears?
What about my tears?
You see me but you….
I can’t believe I’ve been a fool….
You never listen to me!

I wonder….How?
I wonder……Why?
You never listen to me!
Do you even have a heart?
You and me….are now far apart.

When you talk, I listen closely….
Yet, when I speak, you barely hear me….
I’m crying without tears,
I’m shaking with so much fear.
You cause me sadness….
You stab my heart with madness….

But, you fail to see….
I have peers,
Who can see me, the true me….
I won’t stand in your shadow anymore….
But, I still wander like a lost soul….

I am still lost…..
Can you find me?
Are you calling my name?
Why am I so a shame?

A smile on my face…..
Walking slowly in a pace……
I know their waiting…..
Slowly me tears are fading….

I can hear their laughter,
I can hear their cheers.
Chatter here and there,
My tears finally disappears,
My joy soon appears.

Can you hear my heart cheer?
Can you hear my laughter?
Do you see the light or
Do you see the night in my eyes?

I found my path to my home…..
My sorrow is now a small dome.
Can you see my tears?
Can you see my fellow peers?
This is my home….
This is my soul….

I am found at last,
So let’s make this end fast.
My heart is heal
So, how do you feel?
Are you mad?
Are you sad?
Like I care anyways…..

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