July 24, 2010
By darkangel09 GOLD, South Huntington, New York
darkangel09 GOLD, South Huntington, New York
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It slowly drips from the knife.
Drip. Drip.
He is curtain it’s hot and smooth. But he doesn’t touch it.
They will all look at him in horror. That they will.
Drip. Drip.
Splash. Splash.
In the pool that they made of their own.
Drip. Splash.
No one saw this coming. He knows that.
No one thought he could do it. He knew that too.
Now look at me! His mind screamed, I’ve done it! I have proved you all wrong!
Drip. Drip.
Splash. Splash.
Slowly dripping. Falling from the tip.
Splash. Splash.
It’s warm and hot. Soft and luxuries!
Look at me now! He screams. I have done what you could not! I am more then you!
Drip. Drip.
The smell fills his lungs Yes I have done what you could not!
Drip. Drip.
The pool grows. Taking his feet with it.
He looks down. The pool growing rapidly.
It’s as if a red hand is reaching up for him.
He screams.
The knife falls from his hands and is swallowed by the red pool.
He tries to run but his feet are stuck in the massive red pool.
Another massive red hand rises from the pool, it and the first, grab hold of him.
A third rises and takes him around the neck.
Splash. Splash.
Drip. Drip.
Gurgle. Gurgle.
His eyes turn red. His lungs fill with the red.
No! Why?
Then the answer becomes clear.
As he the hands drag him down he could still hear
Drip. Drip.
Splash. Splash.
Gurgle. Gurgle.

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