I fell in love at the age of four

September 1, 2007
I fell in love at the age of four thinking that this i kew for sure It wasnt a boy or a brand new toy nt even those things could match this joy i fell in love with a game and when im playin it sparks a flame not just in my mind but inside my soul playin patiently and undercontrol basketball... it is my world not oly that but its my life cuttin through defense like a knife i can't wait til high school I'll kill'em there makin every recruiter stop and stare and when they give me that scholarship to go and join there crew I'll go be a BOILERMAKER and play for Purdie and after my years of scoing and wins thats when my whole life ends and begins and this next thing you should already know after college I'm gonna go pro and when they see how great I play I'll be the first woman drafted in the NBA

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