Light of darkness

July 23, 2010
I feel so alone. I feel so trapped and insecure. My blood is blue, rivers of red cut lips. Your touch warms me, this feel of guilt is forever in my head.
The look in your eyes over whelms me. No soul on this planet can ever hold a certain secret. I depend on no one but myself, when will the devil set me free? I want so much in life but in return no matter how hard I try I never get anything I deserve. Torture should be my maiden name. When will God strive there-yonder no one nor nothing can ever help me. I'm all output I'm done, gone dead. I will survive these demons and angels who try to over come me. I stand alone. I'll stay in the middle of it all. I stood alone now I will die alone later. I'm a human being who is worthless to everyone else. Don't stab me to hard in my empty alone heart.

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