It happened at an instant

September 1, 2007
By Brittany Hawkins Hawkins, Silver Spring, MD

It happened at an instant I had no time to think All I wanted was to be with him But with my eyes I blinked In that second he was gone Not a moment left to live I never knew such love All the things that I would give I would do anything to have him back To hold him in my arms The pain I feel inside Is tearing me apart He was taken so young The tears streamed down my face A part of him will always be with me Nobody can take his place There is someone out there for everyone And now I've come to see Without him in my life I don't know who to be He is in my heart forever Forever he will stay His love is in the air Every night I pray We were perfect for each other We flowed just like a river The memories we made Have all come to wither I knew him so well I saw him for who he really was He was my best friend The only one I will ever love I miss him everyday And they say it gets easier to move on But whenever I hear his name I feel like we belong We should still be together Until the day we die But his day came too soon I cant help but cry I see him in my dreams I can't believe he is already gone Makes me think I should be in with him in heaven Instead of moving on

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