There are things in this world

September 1, 2007
By Andy Estrada, Oklahoma City, OK

There are things in this world that you think theyre that way Because thats the way tht you see them But in the real life Theyre not nearly the same All pretty and perfect like Eden Now why cant we all see That the teenage rebellion Is not after the parents Who canÕt fit into the youth But we have logic standards and reasons Sure we get mad when things dont go our way And things can get ugly when we come out to play But we can get over it in less than a day So thats not the reason for Cranky You must understand that we are growing up And sure, you must put your limits But I dont plan to forty years old And out on the street feeding pigeons I want to be free but theres nowhere to go And I need somewhere to come back to I cant be a kid when it suits you for me And I cant be a grown-up that way either I still need to figure who I will be So give me some room for a breather.

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