his eyes can make my warm blood run cold

September 1, 2007
By Gerynn McFarland, Kyle, TX

his eyes can make my warm blood run cold, sending hair-standing shivers down my spine The soul-less brown marbled balls resting in his head, sending hypnotic, subliminal messages to my already terrified mind With one glance into my eyes, I close my mouth so tightly not even a breath could escape I stop my sentence mid-word not wanting to be disobedient to his woman-controlling ways His hand slowly reaches mine as my other clinches into a shaking fist of fear Knowing he can feel my whole body shaking as i rub my shoulder on my ear Its my involuntary physical symptom of being scared or insecure And now is the time that both of those emotions intertwine as a super.. emotion I conquer the tremors in my hands, legs and abdomen, hoping to subside the fear Seconds later, shaking like a leaf, when he leans in and whispers in my ear Realizing that the tremors, the fear, the insecurity cannot be killed by a dominant thought or motion I smile at the man I fear, as inside I scream out so loud, crying for someone to answer my call of misguided devotion

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