Your With Me Always

September 1, 2007
By Rachel Gross, Mancelona, MI

Your with me always, when I wake up, You might not be right here, But I still feel you sweet loving touh, As I lie awake thinking of you, I know I soon will be seeing you, The words I remember come in my head, faith, hope, and love you always said, Your always with me when I'm down, I pick up the phone and dial, know longer will I have A frown, Yor with me always when I go to sleep, I have dreams about the future, I wake up stronger then weak, Your with me always untill the day I die, Never forgetting the moments that flew on by, I loved you then, I loved you now, Your with me always no matter where, You'll be my lover, my shoulder to lean on my everlasting friend Your with me always untill the end

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