Is This Love

September 1, 2007
Is this love, I don't care or care to find out. What is the definition of love anyway? An intense affectionate concern for another person. Why can't it just be about being happy around someone, or how your eyes light up when you are around that person. Why do they say you can't be in love your too young? If I was to young than why do I feel so strongly for him?... And why could I picture the rest of my life with him? Why does he make me feel so spontaneous and outgoing, And why does he have me questioning the important things in life? He opened my eyes and gave me a wake up call that was long needed, So why do you say I'm too young? I've realized that my life hasn't been going the way I want it to, And he's the only person to change that around. When I'm with him I feel like a totally different person, Wild and outgoing he brings out the better side of me. I can just be myself around him and not worry about the worries of life. When I'm around him I'm on an everlasting high, he makes me me. And I believe that's what love is. So is this love I don't care or care to find out.

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