July 21, 2010
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Color that glows like a golden chandelier
Fur soft as a sweater of cashmere
Eyes as blue as the glistening sea
Such a majestic feline was he.
Tame as a gentleman
Always loving to sleep and sun tan
Peaceful as a fluttering butterfly
A brave knight, yet so shy.

Tail, long golden swift
He was a God-given gift
A diamond in the rough
A heart of gold, hidden under fluff.
Constantly laying around the house
Never once catching a mouse
Even at his life’s end,
He remained my dearest friend.
Hours upon hours spent together
I will love him forever
Whenever my eyes watered with tears
He was there to comfort my fears.
Then the fateful day came
And I knew the house would never be the same
Dearest kitty, so fair and true
Please remember, I will miss you.

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