High School Sweethearts

September 1, 2007
By Shannon Pilato, Rochester, NY

To learn as days go by That my heart flees from you To learn that our once strong bond is to be destroyed... Destoryed by the lowly sands of time. To think of all the time we had The hugs and kisses we've shared To think of all the time we've lost From the fights and spats we've had To remember all the moments that we shared the sunsets and the cuddles To remember out last contact A forced hug and a silent prayer To ponder the thoughts of our future Stoping and deciding what side we choose To ponder that the end is coming, but knowing it's already here. The end, a sadness that fills my heart as it draws near you move further away the end is just another beginning Another day and othe likfe altering moment in time. to wonder and to pray that this will never come To think and to hurry all those thoughts away But what i'm thinkin i'm crying and hopin That this day willl never end No please dont let this end Just let us be us for one more moment in time.

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