Day of War

July 20, 2010
By , dayton, OH
I dreamed of a land where peace can be loved.
I dreamed of a place where I can watch the doves.
I dreamed of a superman coming to help.
But I dreamed of nothing more than a yelp.

Generals gather in their fallout cellars
Like rats hiding from their killers.
Each one calling the other names
While outside babies wander with guns, untamed.

I listen to a thousands cries into the night.
I listen to the soldiers calling out to fight.
I watch the homeless and the poor,
I watch as they are dragged out to war.

Smoke and shells rock their world
As their mothers and wives do nothing but twirl.

Oh, how I dreamed of the peace and love
I dreamed of the stars at night covered with doves.

Oh, how I dreamed,

In the end of our war!

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