Innocense Lost

July 20, 2010
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We've entered a new point in time
where poetry does not have to rhyme
where the moon is not cheese
where the stars are only gas
where laughter means you're broken
where tears mean you're human
where music is for the dying
where news is for lying
where nothing is as it should be
where there is only you but no me
where has our innocence gone

We've enter a new place in life
where the darkness is light
where beauty is sin
where fear is believing
where seeing is deceiving
where rainbows hold no pot of gold
where the streets are desecrated
where windows are broken
where no doors are open
where we are truly alone
where has our innocence gone

We've started a new path
where words are not spoken
where hands are not holding on
where lies lead to “good-byes”
where dreams paint the world silver and gold
where children always do as their told
where our songs have meaning
where our smiles mean joy
where no one is anyone's toy
where I belong to me and you to yourself
where our innocence is all we have left

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AlyBug said...
Feb. 10, 2011 at 4:18 pm

wow i love this and truthfully i teard up.... your an amazing writer writer


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