Advice to My Daughter

September 1, 2007
By Cassandra Boylan, Bethlehem, PA

The thing is, the secret of time Is that time cannot be bound or compromised or understood It will march on forever, long after you and are gone Days will be unceasingly slow and they will be unceasingly fast But everyday could be your last and if not pretend And live it like it is To be specific, between the deadlines and appointments and checkups to the dentist, Stop and smell the coffee in the morning and maybe lean out the window to enjoy the flowers you commissioned to be planted by the landscaping company And go to your kids play and buy chocolate instead of wrinkle remover And tell some friends the truth, but not the ones you work with And marry a pretty boy after meeting his father And remember a house is only as strong as its foundation And understand that sometimes youre wrong That life is about compromise And what you get is what you give And as high as you dream will be as high you fall But even so A broken leg never killed anyone And keep hot sauce on your table And serve bread with your wine. . . But kid always serve wine. . . And not the cheap stuff

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