July 20, 2010
By Anonymous

"Dance," he said,
And so she twirled.
She wanted his love,
So she gave him her world.

She never denied him,
She never said no,
She started to break,
But she kept up the show.

Whatever he wanted,
He just had to ask.
He wanted her perfect;
She put on the mask.

He wanted her strong,
And so she never cried.
He asked what was wrong,
And she smiled and lied.

Her laughter was fake,
And her eyes became dull.
The weight that she carried,
Was taking its toll.

He left her like garbage,
All worthless and used.
She stared in confusion,
Abandoned, abused.

She ripped out her heart,
And she locked it away.
Guarded, protected,
And there it would stay.

She was a new person,
This cold little girl.
But if he did ask her,
Still she would twirl.

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