July 21, 2010
By Gypsy_girl SILVER, Sequim, Washington
Gypsy_girl SILVER, Sequim, Washington
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Well behaved women rarely make history.

There's nothing i can say right now
That i haven't said a thousand times before
so give up on me
Or carry on with out me

Because soon i will hit the ground
and finally like a dream
I will break and crumble
My misery will drain
And i will no longer pretend
That everything is alright

Im sick of feeling

Its time to walk away
And leave all of my misery behind
Cut my losses and run
Because im one step away from crazy
And an inch away from dead

Its time to realize
That you don't really care
Your just sitting and watching
As i drop farther and farther in to the dark
Gaining hope just to fall farther
And pushing me when ever i rise

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