Beauty of the Earth

October 29, 2007
By Samantha Johnson, Clarkston, MI

The sun begins to rise above the green rolling hills;
It gives me the chills yet I watch with thrill.
You can already tell that it is going to be a beautiful day.
The lakes glisten from the sun,
Morning air still crisp and clean,
The dew lies upon the grass,
Birds begin to awaken from a peaceful sleep high up in the trees.
The daylight life is upon us now,
The stir of the nightlife comes to a dull.
Flowers begin to bloom their beautiful colors; the beauty of the Earth opens.
At the peak of the suns rays life remains behind cool, calming, quiet shelter.

Dusk rolls around.
Birds are still chirping.
The bloomed flowers close their petals for night time is near.
Life is in the limelight quickly coming to a rest.

Nightlife begins to waken for their solemn rest.
Darkness quickly swallows the sky,
Into a moonlit night that is big and bright;
It gives me a fright to see such a sight of a sky that is so light.
White dots spread themselves on the deep purple sky.
Owls hoot, bats fly, mangy possums scavenge for food.
Night begins, closely followed by sunrise.

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