Now let us praise the

October 29, 2007
By Gabrielle Flagg, Decatur, GA

Now let us praise the father of the household upstairs
The creator and destroyer of all who we lay beside
The work of the powerful Father, how he, the eternal Lord
Started the beginning of every tulip blooming,
For I’m the daughter of Christopher Robinson, his father, the holy creator
First created heaven as his shield, which holds mankind,
In the palm of thane hand
The lord of all which made earth the sequence for men
May all mourn who turn away from his wrath
May darkness cover the clouds and strike all of disbelief
O masterful teacher we honor your name
Forgive all the skins of red onion, potatoes, and squash
And the shells of an egg
Let our first taste of battle be sweet
If not let our souls lay at rest a step under your throne.

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