October 29, 2007
By Chris Bland, Clarkston, MI

It’s September today we are a long way away.
I’m trapped in a play of acting all day.
Nothing is real, what is my deal?
My actions are weak, I wonder what everyone thinks
Will I be ok alone and away?
Without the guidance that I always threw away?
I’m dying inside to tear away, but I’m afraid I won’t be okay with a new life ahead.
When it’s all said and done hopefully I was right
And had all the insight with a future ahead that’s promising and clear

Where I will rise to the top and take over the bizz
With me being great and unique I would throw a big feast
And take away from those who say I was never meant to succeed and live this way
I would feel so great like I was the best
And always knew how to handle the pressure of failure and turn it to success

Maybe my parents would say they were proud today
And I would thank them for all they have gave me
Their guidance and knowledge
What I appreciate now and used to always throw away
Showing them the love and respect they deserve.
Oh how I don’t want to mess up
Please help me make it to the end with all my family and friends
Through the good and bad
Help me make it to the end.

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