October 29, 2007
By Lindsay Kolich, Clarkston, MI

Numbers spinning through my head
No order to this mess.
Equations, functions, endless rules,
And this I must confess:
Though years have passed and grades were good,
That time comes to an end,
For in this class that now I take
I’ve nothing to depend.

The daily struggle brings me to tears
And all hope seems so lost,
For in this class I can’t do well
It seems at any cost.
I try my best and study hard
With paper and pencil at hand,
I scribble out the notes in class
But it’s more than I can stand.

For in this class that stresses my skull
And brings me to the brink,
It clouds my thoughts and hurts my head
And then I cannot think.
So how can I survive this test
Of my intellect so true?
It’s in this class I’ve realized one thing:
It’s calculus I cannot do.

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