October 29, 2007
In my pocket
I have a photograph
It’s very dear to me
Because I see…

A very pretty girl
A girl who doesn’t know
Even though she should
That she’s the prettiest
Girl I know.

She has a smile
That breaks through
The havoc
Of a stressful day

Her hugs
Can melt away
Any pain
Almost magically


There’s more to her
Than her looks
She has a heart
Lighter than a feather

Her eyes tell me
The things
That she doesn’t say

With her long blonde hair
Her calming blue eyes
And her warm smile
She can completely disarm
The worst of my days

It’s all why I love her
And keep her close
With the photograph
That’s in my pocket.

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Irain said...
Oct. 27, 2010 at 3:12 am
:) Love, love, love-what an awesome word.
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