Sitting in the darkness

October 29, 2007
By Haydon Pitchford, Purcellville, VA

Sitting in the darkness
I find nothing but abhorrence around me,
Depressing stories of maiming and killing,
I begin to tire of this sorrow,
War rages on will it ever end?
No one will win,
Its like telling people that this is helping something,
With all the killing and maiming going on,
But apparently this is what people want to hear,
Why else would it be the only thing on?
Now it shows a small video of people breaking down doors and beheadings
Now I can here the slit of a knife
Patriotism? Just another excuse for the horrors that is the battlefield
Fighting for your country means nothing if your in a pointless war
That no one knows why your there to begin with
Its all too much
I cannot bear to watch this torment
This is all too depressing,
So I decide to turn off the news.

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