It’s Too Warm!

October 29, 2007
The vehicle stops
And pushes out some gas.
A thousand other cars’
Join with this mass
The excess gases
From these motors
Come together
And form one with the boaters’.
This massive cloud
Floats over the car lane
And combines with the factories’
To form acid rain.
This cloud falls down
Like a hundred pounds.
It burns the civilians
Who are rooted to the ground.

From the original car
This happens again.
But during the formation
It takes a small bend.
It passes the trees
And it passes the lanes
Until it rises high enough
To cause a lot more pain.
It makes a hole
In the first strip of protection
So that it can hurt humans
By giving them an infection.

Meanwhile, the driver
Who created this excess
Suddenly starts dieing
From the vile sickness.
At the funeral
For the death dancer
They announced the cause
was from dreaded cancer.

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