The Lone Sock

October 29, 2007
There’s always one
Everyone has it
Lurking in the corner of the drawer
Under the bed
The lone sock

No one ever knows what happens to its partner.
That smelly, stinky, sock.

Is it lost in the wash?
The dryer?
The laundry chute?

It makes a good sock puppet
A chew toy for the dog

Or perhaps you will throw it away
But it is alive
That little sock thinks and feels
Moves around, looking for its friend
Pair it with another sock
But it knows it’s not the first
Soon, it’s alone again
I’ve seen the sock, searching for it’s friend

But soon, he was gone too
So if you see that lone sock
Don’t glue on googley eyes
Let the sock go on its way

And find it’s friend.

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