October 29, 2007
O screen filled with light I depend on,
I gladly let you into my heart.

Your complexity intrigues me,
Jumbled and mangled with parts.
O magical T.V.

Because of you I live in a world of virtual reality,
Filled with hours of mind-numbing profanity.

To forget you would be impossible,
To change you would be impractical.
O wonderful T.V.

This is just a tiny taste of what T.V can do,
It gives you the emotion of happy madness

The low rumble of the motor,
The clicks as the T.V works
on bringing me everything I need.

I live in a world where news is brought in a flash,
You give my mind a horrible rash,

And yet…I can’t live without you,
O glorious, uncanny, T.V.

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