One month and I am okay.

October 29, 2007
One month since you
One month and I am finally free
One month, I’m moving on
One month, I haven’t cried
One month, I haven’t soothed my mind with your lies
One month, and I’ve reconnected with my family again
One month and I am finally happy
One month, I can be myself again
One month, and I realized…being myself is good enough
One month and I am still laughing and living
I still breathe, I still think and amazingly enough, without you here the world still spins
I can now voice my opinions
For once, I am HEARD
I can sleep soundly at night
No teardrops hit my pillow
I still take things to heart, but I always seem to pull through
You physically pushed me because you were angry
And now, you won’t ever do it again
I won’t have anymore nightmares
I have a support system…myself
I can either stay entangled in your lies or I can move on with my life
I can find someone better-who is good enough
This story will end only if I choose to and I do choose to
I choose to leave you in my past thoughts, not my future thoughts
How many lies will you say?
That’s funny because you said a lot to me
All those mind games…was it honestly worth it?
Was it worth it to hurt the one you loved?
Oh wait, I forgot…you never loved me
When you sleep at night…I hope you imagine me in someone else’s arms cause that’s where I’ll be.

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