Lake of Darkness

October 28, 2007
Daylight streams in through this guilty crack in the wall
I'm sleeping on a plank and it is cold inside this cell
Oh how the ugly sleeps so well inside these metal bars
Where denial dreams so lovingly of all her blinding sorrows

The rhythm of the blue skies, the clouds, the yellow sun
I miss the sweet music of the birds, their melodies alone
For here inside this pool of grey, I'm drowning in despair
I tremble when the light's so pale and vanish when it’s gone

Oh to stroll among the hills, instead I wait inside this tomb
Dusting off my weakened mind, as I grow tired with boredom
In this prison of my life where my heart has learned to steal
From the venom of bitterness or the presence of a mirror

Decaying in this loneliness I try to find an appeal
As the repetitions create a new me, so bare and so unreal
For here in my intrepid world, their hateful eyes will take
To anything they find that’s left, to anyone just breaks

In this fragmented gloom, we'll taste our miserable pains
Feeding upon their flesh, tearing out their worn remains
For thirty years have gone by, and I am doomed rest alone
A person without a reason as I fear I have become

Looking for a kind of peace as I keep on resisting fate
With every fragile taste of life for which I am still grateful
But in this cage I find myself, in this lake of darkness
Where only in the dismal light can you see your own existence

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