July 17, 2010
Earth is a marble,
In spaces unknown,
Earth is a marvel,
In stories untold.

On it's land,
Lies it's wonder,
Tampered by hand,
And evils deep under.

In the sea,
The fish and whales,
Some unseen,
They will tell mighty tales..

In the air,
Fly evolution's gift,
The birds and the bats,
That make our spirits lift.

And in the surrounding space,
Are our unseen mysteries,
Between the Moon and the Sun,
The bright Earth shines and gleams.

But the Earth is in danger,
Trees, atmosphere and animals,
Saveable by any stranger,
Who knows how to heed their calls.

Trees are dying,
Due to logging and growth,
Our governments are lying,
Our destruction is hidden in smoke.

Ozone is going away,
Making the Earth too hot,
Making too bright a day,
We're too far in to make it stop.

Our animals are disappearing,
They're hunted by humans and heat,
They can't speak, so we aren't hearing,
Most of the animals are gonna get beat.

War has gripped us,
In it's fingers of steel,
Peace is a word of mush,
And the world will not heal.

Earth is dead,
Due to what we've done,
Earth is bathed in red,
Due to war and military fun.

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