Wishful Harmony

October 28, 2007
By Rita Thanh Bucca, Philadelphia, PA

I gaze at you with eager eyes
Hoping for a smile
But just a glimpse of your angelic face
Can feed my heart for now
I long for a warm embrace
Or even just a gentle hand
A sign, an indication of your true intentions
A confirmation of your love
Your deep, calm eyes can pierce my soul
Sending daggers and stakes through my heart
But when our eyes meet, connecting through time and space
Warmth rushes through my veins, blood to my head
Continual pain at the thought of you
Sending jolts of voltage down my spine
I long for your voice, a quelling melody
To wash over me, the sweet notes piano
The song crescendos, I’m lost in a fairytale
As you sing away my doubts and fears, cries of joy
Then the music comes to a halt, I crash down
Back to the reality of our two separate lives
Just one wish, for you to be mine
A heavenly voice singing me safely to sleep
Just you and me in a fairytale tonight
Spinning, lost together in this dream

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