It's always been "our world"

October 28, 2007
By Rebecca Elliott, Port Orange, FL

It's always been "our world"
if not, "the world except us"
We never belonged with them,
and they never belonged with us

No one could compare to you
Not the moon, the stars, or the sky
No one would ever do
And I don’t need a reason why

I hold your hand when I’m afraid
Thus I know I’m not alone
And if you’ll smile and clap for me
There’s no talent I won’t own

I know you’ll be there to save me
Whether I drown or fall
So, big brother, I was hurt
To find that you never loved me at all

I hated her, Haruhi
The one you called “my love”
She was stealing my beloved brother
The only one I have

You tucked her in last night
You even slept by her side
I watched you sleeping peacefully
Cursing as I cried

I want you back big brother
She’s but an intruder in our land
I will make sure she goes away
If you lend a helping hand

Brother, come back to me
You’re the only one I know
Mommy and daddy already left
So why do you have to go?

You’ll be beside me forever right?
Or was that promise dead?
Though you told me not to cry
A million tears were she

What if I asked you to choose?
I wonder what you’d say?
That you love her more
But even so, you love me anyway?

To be second best is your eyes
Will never seem quite right
I’ll do what it takes to get you back
And get her out of sight

But I saw you really happy
With a smile I’ve never seen
You’re so much happier with her
Than with me you’ve ever been

You laugh like no tomorrow
Will ever come your way
And you’ve never slept so peacefully
Unless she’s in your day

You keep giving her flowers
Your silky hair she adorns
She slumbers on rose petals
While I must hold the thorns

So let me walk away
Before I seriously get hurt

Yes, I mean goodbye
And forever, I might add
It’s been great big brother
I hope she makes you glad
Sincerely, Kaoru

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