October 28, 2007
By Katie Rosenbaum, Lenoir City, TN

A place where no one dares to go

A line no one wishes to cross
And yet every day they go and cross it.

To forget history is to forget ourselves
To forget where we came from,
Who we are,
And where we are going.

To ignore death is unmistakenly
The worst crime of all:
To honor murderers,
And laugh at the fallen.

The families of those long dead,
Those long forgotten
Mourn in secret for fear of being heard.
Fear of the same fate
Their families didn't deserve.

To them I beg, arise!
Speak for those we forgot!
So we can remember
Their lives that history wrought!

We so easily overlook
Those who died in vain!
Oh, relive their pain we will!
If, stand in the way of remembrance, we do.

The wise look at us and laugh
The old drop their eyes in worry
Ancestors tell God:
Spare them your wrath!

However, the continuance of ignorance
Will soon make us fall.
For to ignore the past,
Is to create the minds
Which repeat the forgotten.
We cannot stop this though
Because it is happening to us.

Unless we stop this brainwash,
We will pay the price:
In honor of others death,
We face the same fate
Which was forced upon them!

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