A Sightless Vision

July 13, 2010
By Glass_Doll326 SILVER, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
Glass_Doll326 SILVER, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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Just goona stand here and watch you go.

Though my heart will fall below

Can’t breathe to save my life

Stuck between in constant strife

I’m broken


A toy for your amusement

Inside my head I find torment

I’m trying to represent

My constant

Your intent

To repent

A tear

A fear

You whisper in my ear

Tell me to stay here

I say no

But mean yes

Let the pain flow

Total stress

But I must confess

With you I felt bliss

But I must express

My distress

Can’t leave

But won’t believe

It’s over

I have no 4-leaf clover

No magic horse shoe can save me now

I just don’t see how

To be alone

Don’t leave me alone

I won’t let go

Hide so no one will know

How quickly I’d go back

To where my world is black

I’ve been given an escape

I’ve covered my own mouth with tape

Can’t explain the logic

There is none

I may be sick

But I’m not done

Back to square one

Ling under the sun

With you


No need for review

Seal it with this pen

Someday I may learn better

Learn my lesson

I’ll keep trying until I’ve won

We could never be fully done

Regrets I’ll have will be none

Can’t stop what’s meant to be

The end result will be you and me

We will see


We will agree



To such degree

I will be clever

To whatever

Or however

I will give, up never

It’s all a big pattern

With scrambles and a turn








Constant heat

Hearts of ice

Roll the dice

No doubt it will be heard

It never ends

A kiss, a tear is all she sends

A bad decision

A sightless vision

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