Too Many Adjectives, Too Few Words

October 27, 2007
What words are there in this world that can describe my dad?
I know too few
The only ones that come into mind are humble adjectives
If I tried to find a word—
I would have to search
Search through my Dad.
I would search his hands
My daddy’s hands are one of my favorite things about him
They tell a story
You can almost trace a path through them
It is a path of love and sacrifice
I have his fingernails
I can always remember to honor my father with my hands
Because there is a part of him in them
His hands are also gentle
When they hold mine
Or when I grasp one in my small fist
When I search my memories I find
Walking on the beach behind my dad in his footsteps
And then
Bouncing ahead to grab his finger
He swept me up
And I knew that I was safe from all things
Except his kisses
Or fear of being suffocated from his loving bear hug
I love my dad
After small amount of searching I find that
Life without him would be
So much more scary
And yet, still, he nudges
Me ahead
At a time
And he has always been there.
When I fall
He catches me
Or lets me fall to show that I must be aware in life
But he is always there to help me up and catch my crystal tears
Whether they be of blood from hurts
Or salty from sadness at failure
Or he hands me a pair of knee pads
And says
“Try again”
I guess that’s all you can do in life
Isn’t it?
Keep trying and trying
Until you accomplish it.
Sometimes I search his eyes for the answer
For my question is “What is your word?”
I search his eyes
They’re so lovely
Like the ocean
On a misty day
Sometimes when I examine them closely I fear I could sink into them but he always grabs me before I drown in his world of creativity
His creativity is over-powering.
I am saddened to say that his word keeps changing.
So I may never find it.
Yes, there are far too few words to describe…
Well everything,
But especially my dad.

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