she stared at him

October 27, 2007
By miesha jenkins, Alvin, TX

she stared at him, tears running down her face, her make up smeared, and heart crushed.

she knew better than to do it again, but yet her heart kept yearning for more.

no matter what he did, he was hers and only hers, and thats the way she wanted it.

she looked at him even harder, watched him laugh and talk, and watched his facial expressions.

there were so many things wrong with him, his lies, his cheating, the way he thought he ruled the world..

when in reality he knew he ruled nothing but her heart, and thats what made him think he was so great.

not because he was lucky, but the fact that he could take advantage of it.

she wondered why she was so in love with him, he was just a person, a person that had broken her heart over and over

to where she couldnt even take it anymore, but yet she loved him even more than she ever had at that moment.

was she stupid, or in love?

maybe it was both, but whatever the reason was, a part of herself was telling her to let it go, she didnt deserve it

then another part of herself told her to keep it, dont let it go and whatever she did..keep trying

was it worth it?

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