Love Happens

July 9, 2010
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What is love? We question it everyday. We wonder about it. We imagine the things we want to imagine. Things we want to see come to life. But it has just occurred to me now. Love isn't about all that. It isn't about imagining or wondering. Love is letting it come to you. It's letting someone else come into your heart knowing all the risks that come with it. It's not hoping that it will last, but its enjoying each and everyday that you've been given. Love is trust. Not only trusting the other person, but in trusting yourself. Trusting yourself to open up and trusting yourself to let go. Love can be joyful, amazing, unimaginable or painful, agonizing, and tragic. But those have to be faced. They have to happen. Love just happens. We fall in love with the wrong people. People we never imagine to fall in love with, but we do. That's the way love goes. It keeps us surprised and reaching out for more. Love is being with that person for so long and still getting weak in the knees. Love touches us in a way that is just unexplainable. No thoughts or exact feelings can be put on it. It's looking at that person and trying to find the words to say what you need to say, but getting lost in their eyes everytime you make an attempt. All i can say is that when love comes to someone, they'll know it. It comes at you fast and it has the power to leave you breathless. So let love come to you. Don't go finding it. It'll defeat its whole purpose. Let it caress you and feel the joy and unbelievable passion it brings. Open your heart. Love is waiting..

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