Dear, (Friend)

July 13, 2010
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Dear (Friend),
What happened to “it’s over?”
“I’m through with him.”
You sounded so convinced,
You sounded so grim.
What happened to “never again?”
What happened to “how could he?”
Do you realize you’re just right back
To where you “never wanted to be.”
Why do you keep going back,
To this “great” guy,
Who has no problem with
Making you cry?
It’s all smiles and laughs,
Like everything’s fine,
As if he hasn’t broken your heart
A million times.
If this is what you want to do,
Go ahead, it’s your heart in his hands.
Just don’t come crying to me
When he breaks it… again.
Maybe it’ll be some other clueless girl
Someone who falls just as hard as you,
I just hope he’s worth the heartbreak,
Because I won’t know what to say or do
That isn’t new to you.
I think you and I both know what’s ahead,
From me, (Your Friend)

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