The Withered.

October 27, 2007
By Livia Brown, Torrance, CA

Living with pain and fear,
hopes are lost,
pain is near,
but when was it all right?

When days were young,
and smiles were bright,
did the sun keep out the night?

Or was night so frightening after all,
for that was where it all began.

It was then that night acted as day.
The moon became the sun,
warming their skin,
touching their hearts.

That night blossomed from a bud to a flower,
their friendship turned to love,
as they kissed under a shower,
of stars.

But we must realize,
that some treasure is cursed,
for their love was not to be.

As the flower began to wither,
A new flower was blooming,
and the boy became a sinner.

As the withering flower fell to the ground,
the girl threw on a smile,
to hide the pain she had found,
for she wanted no one to see,
how disastrous her life could be.

She tried to put the seed back into the soil,
but the garden became a minefield.

Still up to today,
a piece of her heart,
will always be his,
as it was from the start.

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