Love Letter.

July 13, 2010
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I can believe I love you. I told my self I didn't but somewere in my heart I knew I always did. My eyes gaze in amazment when you walk by me. My ears holler when ever you says hi. You don't know anything about me, though I'm still atracted to you. I've been watching you I know the most about you. You don't notice my care for you or my detacation. I pray for you everynight, so your safe. That must have been a hard brake up, but I'm here so you don't have to be sad. All I'm asking is to exept me and I'll love you forever. you act cute around me but a nerd around your friends. A loser in front of your popular girls, but the loser face is stuning. that you take the easy apples, as the poem goes, at the bottom. they don't care about you, I know it. They are only happy because they acually have someone to show off. don't you get it? don't you understand? pick the apples at the top and I promise you will be happy.
Look at what happened to these other girls you dated. look how they ended up. broken hearted, crying in the bathroom corner. even my best friend went down that awful road. I'm not saying it's your fault. it's their fault for believing you loved them. It's their fault for believing that you asked them out for a reason. just one reason. that one reason with so many defenitions. Now I hope you know how I feel. It's hard to write about you when you are in my head all day.

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