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I wish I could take away the hurt and feel the pain for you.

I wish I could take away the hurt and feel the pain for you.
Wipe the tears from your eyes and really care for you.
Give you the shirt off my back and let me be naked.
Giving you every cent that I have and hope that I don't make it.
I wish that you had a bite to eat and I was left hungry.
That I was the poorest child and you had the money.
I wish that I was the little girl on tv and you gave a quarter a day,
You had a regular family sent away.
I wish that I cried every night and you were always happy
that I was a loner and you were always laughing.
I wish I could take every scar off your body and put it on mines
that you were set free and I did the time.
I wish I could take your cancer and you were the one healthy
you had all you ever needed snd I was never wealthy.
I wish that you could look deep in my eyes and wished that you could help
that you were drug free and respected yourself.
I wish that I had the smiles to hide behind the pain
that I was at war and you were home with your family safe.
I wish that I was being judged and you came natural
that I was being stereotyped and you were normal.
If I could switch places with you for a day I would
to put myself in the world's shoes and do what I could.
If that was the way life worked, I'd love to make you glad
giving you the chance and oppurtunity you never had.
I wish your struggles were all gone and I'd be happy for you.
I could take away the hurt and feel the pain for you....

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