Heaven in Death

July 12, 2010
By fallentears SILVER, Warren, Michigan
fallentears SILVER, Warren, Michigan
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Cradled in your mother's womb
But twisted in your sleep
The cord broke off from the stomach
And it started to bleed
Had to be rushed to the hospital
Taken out right away
The consequences were so severe
So ever deadly
She didn't want to let you go
But she couldn't even breathe

You came out dead and lifeless
Too painful to see
Crying she still held you in her arms
You were still a newborn baby
Closed eyes
Mouth shut
Not a single breath
Passed through your tiny lungs
You didn't even
Move an inch
So very incomplete

Yet you're so beautiful
Even with the blood surrounding your face
Even when you're as pale as snow
Even when you lay there dead
There's light around you
You're going to go up there aren't you?

There's tears on our faces
Wet and dripping
Mother's tears soak you
Yet smiles lie there too
Wide and big
They're so true
I assure you

Happy and sad
There's a mix of emotions
She loves you but must let go
We care much but must let go
So you can be in a better place
Far away but so close
You're own little Haven
Up there in

The author's comments:
A long time ago, when I was a young girl, my younger sister died in birth. I did not understand the pain across my mother and father's face when they came home from the hospital after wards, and I did not understand what had happened. Now, older and refreshed, I am able to portray my own emotions about my little sister's death.

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