What You've Become

July 12, 2010
By Anonymous

No future thoughts of who they'll be.

Chasin whatever they think they need.

Lies grow till there's no honesty.

Selfishness devours generosity.

Best of both worlds try to be Miley.

But life doesn't work like Disney.

They are blind to our reality.

Can't hear guidance when it speaks.

If they don't stop their life will cease.

And they're plane will crash into the sea.

Only living inside our memories.

As we think of all they could be.

We believe they were mean to succeed.

Then they let us down so hopelessly.

Our support and effort put forth so bountifully.

So that they could gain so tremendously.

Was put aside so dismissively.

And their fate is sealed so tragically.

So I make sure that I become somebody.

And your story is not repeated with me.

The author's comments:
written for someone thats important to me but...

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