A New Title

July 12, 2010
By MadeleineJoy SILVER, Burlington, Other
MadeleineJoy SILVER, Burlington, Other
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I'll never forget you,
The love,
How honoured I am to call you,
My big brother.
I remember the fights,
Foot wars on the couch,
Thumb wars in the car,
My big brother.
I remember,
No matter how deep it got,
You were always there to catch me when I fall,
My big brother.
I feel you sometimes,
Watching me,
Telling me what to do next,
My big brother.
I know you are still here,
Keeping me out of harms way,
Coaxing me to take the next step,
My big brother.
Stopping mefrom crossing the road by myself,
From running away,
From lying to my teacher,
My big brother.
You taught me to fight,
Stand up for myself,
And for what I believe is right,
My big brother.
You will always be,
My big brother,
But you have achieved a new title,
My guardian angel.
Forever and always,
My big-guardian angel brother.

The author's comments:
I wrote this peom about my brother and how much he meant, and still means to me. The poem is from the view point of both of us as children. It describes how he helped form me as a person, and how I beleive that he is still watching over me. I love you Nick.

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