Lonely Life of a Soldier and His Wife

July 14, 2010
By TheLover BRONZE, Wonewoc, Wisconsin
TheLover BRONZE, Wonewoc, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:

A brave warrior,
Saw who he loved,
She was more beautiful,
Than a flock of spring doves

She saw him look,
She looked right back,
He learned from her,
That beauty doesn't slack

They ran off,
And tied a forever knot,
She begged for his love,
And he gave her alot

When called for the war,
He had to be dragged away,
She wept and she wept,
For his return day

When he never came back,
She feared the worst,
Of a great many days,
She was sad for the first

Her warrior returned,
Years too late,
He learned of the news,
And the pain was too great

He world was gone,
When she had died,
So he began his journey,
To go higher than the birds flied

They met in Valhalla,
The Undying Lands,
Now in eternity,
Forever holding hands.

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this was this amazing girl in high school who I never had the courage to ask out. She graduated 2 years before me, and we still talk, but i wish i would've asked her out earlier, before she left and got a new guy

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