Enigmatic Evil

October 27, 2007
As darkness cascades upon the silenced Earth
And the final lustrous flames steal a glimpse of the night
Nature conceals its captivating charm
And obscures her opalescent beauty, entangled within
Sorrow lingers heavily, a saturated sky with no tears to weep
Only Malice savagely roams, when twilight subsides…

Slashed is the ebony packaging of Pandora’s Box
The intricately embossed clasp, shattered impatiently
Unleashed are the horrors, coiled and fatally ferocious
Glistening fangs streaked with the crimson of innocents
Gorging upon bare carcasses of the tortured
Stripped of their succulently tender-happiness…Exposed

In his bloodshot, yet excruciatingly alert chestnut irises
A labyrinth to his internal workings
Mystifying mind, Diamond Heart…
Tormenting Shrieks echo with desperation
Haunting cries dart eerily, rustling the auburn leaves, near the sacrifice

Revived is the past and memories flood my scarred embankments
And the harshest letters assaulted my lips as I uttered…
Adolf Hitler.

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