October 26, 2007
By Sadie Waala, Batavia, NY

You beckon my core with a flick of your wrist;
musical undertones, my mind is amiss.
This, your icy blue synthetic beat,
cuts through
the walls surrounding me.
I feel it open my insides for public eye,
for everyone to see..
And I float.


Atop the roof of the tallest building
They tried to compare red to green.
They tried to compare red to green.

They tried to compare themselves to me,

and the constant clench in my jaw began hurting my teeth.
See them cut down my favorite things?
The trees were stamped into money before red crept up in the leaves,
Well some of these people can’t breathe, can’t breathe.

The air isn’t half as pure as it used to be;

They tried to compare red to green;
they tried to compare Ophelia to me.
Atop the roof of the tallest building,
I watch far from the ground
where the black, white, and grays can’t cut me down;
everything left standing on grass..
they ax, they ax,
and I’m dancing just out of their grasp,


with my back turned to traffic, I lift my arms from my sides.
I tip back and fall up into the sky,
and I may never get off this ride.
I may never want to come back inside.

Will you..?
Lay down your hand;
Personify my dreams.
Your colors spin,
they seem to leave
me seeking the forests, the skies, the seas.
And lying in the grass, with my arms outreached
(nailed to my trust in you, in me),
just isn’t where I thought I’d be;


If you stood me
up, I might finally reach
my personal epiphany:
Floating, floating, and flying free..
Maybe I’ll finally be

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