Poetic Interlude

July 10, 2010
By Kingleo BRONZE, Dayton, Ohio
Kingleo BRONZE, Dayton, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"Sometimes we take chances. Sometimes we take pills"

Silent Symphonies searching for empathy empty me
Like crushed cans of aluminum all running with reveries
Possible people position me cocoa crazy
But now finally firing pheromones won’t faze me

Lovely ladies lately a daunting distraction
Ready retraction of every early erection
Electric energy enters me like ghastly ghosts
Showering substance slowly in this shell host

Just juxtapose me here near horny hoes
Corny crows sit staring at the scarecrow
Impulsively insulting the statues straw soul
Never knowing bombastic behavior helps the bombs blow

Totally tearing off conformities crimson coat
Coming kamikaze bombing all America’s battle boats
The saddle slopes rejecting riders spurious spurs
Cutting cur’s notorious nodding nerves

Wiring words wrote replenishing rays of resonance
After eternal eons of cash cow’s coughing cacophonous
Obviously open for channeling change
But better choking on cotton, the systems short change

Great gargantuan mansion mountains of searing snow
Nearing no proper point of respectable returning home
I visit Vulcan’s volcanoes the escape the world’s wry cold
Injections of influenza influence my mental mold

The author's comments:
When I wrote this I was in a introspective mood (if that's a mood) and for some odd reason a lot of alliterations popped in to my head that painted portraits of how I felt at the time, so I just picked up a pen and notebook and started writing. What I want people to get from this is that this poem is describing some of my inner feelings so some of deep feelings so a few of the images may be hard to understand.

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