I never ment to tell the lie

October 26, 2007
I never ment to tell the lie.
I never ment to deny,
what I wanted was to be free.
Live my life peacefully,
but all that changed by the one little step to take.
I know it was a mistake.
I don't regret it.
I never fret it.
I don't think I will ever doubt myself.
Even though I layed my heart out on the shelf.
Along ith my body, mind,and soul.
I know you can't believe,
but my goal to achieve,
is to not end up like you.
No matter what you try to say,
I turn my back and walk away.
We need time apart,
you know it in your heart.
You don't listen,
and now your missin'
what is happening to me.
What I'm becoming and what I will be.
So, say good-bye's,
don't dry your eye's.
Because I've cried too much,
and I've tried too much.
So watch me walk away,
because, by the end of the day,
I'll be gone.

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